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SCHOOLS a school why should you buy our package?

Maybe as a school you have been debating offering the award to students, but worried how much extra staffing this would require?


Would you have enough staff that would be willing to give up their time?


Are there the funds to provide the necessary training for staff? 

As an enterprise we have :


· Years of knowledge, experience and good practice.

· Qualified: Mountain Leaders; Walking Group Leaders; Basic Expedition Leaders; First Aiders.

· We do our best to find adventurous places to do expeditions fitted around aspirations and expectations.

· Provide a relaxed and social environment for staff and young people.

· A programme which can be fitted around the schools timetable/calendar.
Flexible staffing.

· Quality training run by Staff and volunteers who love the outdoors and want to see young people achieve.

We offer the complete package for the expedition side of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, we already run the award in many schools but would like to talk to you today about how we can help you.

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